Full Service

End-to-End Solutions Provider

Throughout all phases of a steel construction project, the full-service team at Wesbridge utilizes a process-driven workflow to provide timely and intelligent solutions in line with customers' challenging and demanding schedules. The estimating process takes advantage of sophisticated technologies to ensure mandatory pricing consistency with critical accuracy. Engineers analyze and economize material, connection design and efficiency. Project Managers monitor the project from within the Wesbridge end-to-end production/installation process as well as track the physical project site to maintain schedule and efficiency.

Structural Steel / Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Wesbridge onsite detailing and engineering teams analyze complex problems by:

  • Steel Layout Drawing with 3D Model Interposed Segmenting the project into basic workable components
  • Performing and facilitating careful analysis
  • Requesting information through electronic RFI or RFC
  • Using Tekla Structures (Xsteel) 3D modeling and detailing software to construct, design and detail solutions

Wesbridge provides premium industry leading shop drawings to ensure immediate comprehension by clients and design consultants. All drawings are provided in electronic format (PDF) and issued via email or FTP. Three dimensional web models are made available for clients to review the project over the internet in a virtual reality environment. Exports from the detailing model can be imported into Architectural or Structural design programs for comparison or analysis.

Tekla Structures (Xsteel) Tekla Structures is the global leader
in 3D BIM steel modeling software.

Steel Fabrication

FabTrol MRP - Welder in Action In the production process, Wesbridge Steelworks utilizes FabTrol MRP (an integrated software system) to control all aspects of steel fabrication. All of the pieces of a project are carefully monitored throughout this process, from procurement, inventory, detail components, and assembly, to welding, painting and shipping. Wesbridge utilizes specialized CNC machinery including Peddinghaus and Ficep to provide remarkably accurate work. Its modern 35,000 sq ft shop has in excess of 550 feet of single aisle crane runway, situated on over five acres in the heart of Greater Vancouver. The extensive facility at Wesbridge Steelworks brings efficiency and economy to processing fabricated steel, and allows the company to offer competitive pricing to both its clients and the industry.

Ironworker Installing Structural Steel Steel Installation

Steel Installation is carried out by professional, experienced Ironworkers, Welders and Foremen. Ensuring the project runs smoothly, safely and accurately, Wesbridge forces make challenging structures come to life with seemingly little effort. Managing and coordinating cranes and lifting procedures and constantly organizing and scheduling with the General Contractor, Wesbridge Foremen have the experience and knowledge to provide your project with steel that fits and is on time.

Steel Decking

Wesbridge Steelworks now provides steel decking installation as part of their full service commitment to customers.